Thursday, September 5, 2013

Avene - Skin Care Product Line Rooted in the 18th Century

The Avene product line traces its roots back to 1736 when the Marquis of Rocozel was successfully treated for itching by submersing himself in the Avene thermal waters.  In 1874 the Avene waters were declared a public asset.

And so it went until 1990 when 20th Century capitalism led to the creation of Avene Laboratories and an extensive product line based on the healing effects of Avene thermal water.  And the rest is skin care history.

Check out the following examples of Avene products:

Anti Redness Cream - comes in Rich and Light

Sunscreens - of course

Anti Aging - Check out Eluage and Ystheal and Serenage

Foundation - see Couvrance line under Avene

and more Avene for the Face and Body

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