Thursday, September 5, 2013

Avene Sunscreens and Parabens - Following or Leading?

As one of the old-established cosmetics laboratories one would expect that Avene would be at the forefront of the trend to abandon parabens in its product and they do not disappoint.   Although the ill-effects of parabens are as yet not concluive, the European cosmetics makers have pro-active to dump this preservative.   Avene has not fallen behind.  You can check out their impressive and comprensive range at FrenchCosmetics.Net .   The following are some of their popular items.

Avene Suncare SPF50 Spray-200ml

Avene Suncare SPF50 Emulsion-Fragrance Free -50ml popular item for normal to combination skins

and see the rest of the Avene Sun  Protection range here

Enjoy and be careful in the sun!


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