Friday, September 6, 2013

Avene Thermal Water - Does it Make a Difference?

As a supplier of cosmetics products, I am perhaps the most critical of customers.  Also old-fashioned.  When I shave I spurn the use of machines and shave with a razor - not the old fashioned blade - I am not quite that kind of antique - but with a hand razor, and then I get the cheapest - the yellow BIC.  With that in mind I would normally use the local CVS/Walgreens shaving foam, but a few years ago I decided with no a little scepticism to try the Avene Shaving Cream - 'for use with a brush - also I forewent the hand smear and purchased an old-time shaving brush.

Does the Avene make a difference?

My conclusion is that it has a definite soothing effect on the skin and actually well worth the price.

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