Monday, September 2, 2013

Bioderma and Sensibio

Be careful what you buy.  There are stories about counterfeit products in cosmetics as with any other products in demand.  Bioderma sells the very popular H2O products.  For consumers in the US, Bioderma is no officially available, the question should be asked as to where the Bioderma products they are buying are coming from?

Some clues can be found in the H2O products.   Bioderma sells this item in both the Crealine and Sensibio names.  Therefore if you are buying Bioderma Crealine or Bioderma Sensibio, you might be buying two products that come from completely different places. Crealine is sold in France and other French-speaking countries while Sensibio is sold in Australia and Asia.   Asia of course includes China and as China is notorious for producing fake products, any product purporting to come from China ought to be view with some caution.   That is not to say that all Bioderma purportedly coming from Asia is necessarily fake, but some caution should be exercised.

FrenchCosmetics.Net only offers the French lines and there you can only get Crealine.  Personally we are biased and Francophonic - naturally we prefer all things French!

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