Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bioderma Product Update

At the end of the sun season it seems appropriate to review the Bioderma sunscreen range and the Bioderma line any general for any product updates or changes.

The trend away from Parabens, which is commonly used preservative in cosmetics, continues and consumers are having mixed reactions.  Are Parabens really bad for you?  The jury is still out on this one and it appears to no conclusive answer is available.    Still it has not stopped companies like Bioderma which is arguably the leading sunscreen laboratory in Europe from removing it from their products.  

For the US public which is in the 13th year of awaiting sunscreen innovations like Tinosorb to be approved for use in sunscreens in the USA, the shift away from parabens must be confusing.   Not yet able to use Tinosorb-based products, they must now focus on whether to use paraben-preserved products or not.

Based on a quick survey of Photoderm from Bioderma there are no parabens to found anywhere.   However some of the clients of FrenchCosmetics.Net have been quite vocal about dissatisfaction with the texture of the new products.   Texture is obviously an important part of the sunscreen selection process, as evidenced by the myriad of sunscreen types offered by Bioderma - Fluid, Lotion, Spray, Cream etc etc.   Are consumer comforts being relegated to a health concern that might affect a minute part of the population?   Time will tell...

Elsewhere Bioderma follows what some see as an annoying tendency to remove well-loved products for reasons unknown.  To whit the Bioderma Sebium AI anti-irritant cream is gone, apparently replaced with the Bioderma Sebium Tinted 2 in 1 and as any cosmetics afficianodo will tell, tinted is not for everyone...

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