Thursday, September 12, 2013

Discover Hydrobrio from Bioderma

The best way to find out about a product is to see what other users are saying - here's what some people say about  Bioderma Hydrabrio line of products:

"Okay ladies, I will be completely honest with you! Have you ever felt clueless about what to do with your dehydrated skin ( dry skin )!!!??? I wish i had known about the Bioderma products when I was younger, because this stuff is insane! I live in Canada & let me tell you, the weather here is quite confusing, especially during our cold blizzarding winters, my skin changes like the weather does! I have extremely dry skin so for me these products worked! Now don't think i only got myself this cream, i had to get the whole dang family!! If anyone's interesting in knowing what i did for my skin, inbox me and i will gladly explain to you which products i've used in the Bioderma line and how i used it".

"I brought this light cream because it was recommended by Lisa Eldridge's French pharmacy favorites video, her recommendations are very comprehensive & professional. On to the product, it is a light weight cream for sensitive & dehydrated skin, although my skin is mostly oily, I often feel dehydrated in winter indoor heat & outdoor dry weather, I love how lightweight Hydrobio Legere is, it penetrates really quick & well, it doesn't break me out or make me feel greasy, it provides lightweight, breathable moisture. I use Hydrobio Legere on top of La roche posay's Effclear Duo, I noticed that my skin is less oily & less tight after changing to this routine. Hydrobio Legere doesn't promise a million things (whitening, anti-aging, firm, etc) but it does the basics exceptionally well! Too bad Bioderma's products are hard to find in the U.S".

"If you have active acne or any acne, do not use this product. This product smells nice and it's a decent moisturizer and can be use for sensitive skin but not for acne skin. When i used this product, my acne became so red and irritated. It was terrible and I had to remove it. I thought it was because i was sensitive to this product but i use it on my neck and the areas of my skin with no acne and it seem to be fine. Just be careful when using this product".

Available in the following formats :

Bioderma Hydrabrio Cleansing Moisturizing Lotion-250ml

Bioderma Hydrabrio Cleansing Moisturizing Mousse-150ml

Bioderma Hydrabrio Exfoliating Cream-75ml

Bioderma Hydrabrio H2O Miccelaire Solution-250ml

Bioderma Hydrabrio Light-40ml

Bioderma Hydrabrio Mask-75ml

Bioderma Hydrabrio Rich-40ml

Bioderma Hydrabrio Serum-40ml

Bioderma Hydrabrio Tonic Lotion-200ml

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