Thursday, September 19, 2013

Focus on Avene Skin Recovery Cream

An interesting product from Avene is their Skin Recovery Cream. Also known at Cream for Intolerant Skins, a translation of the French name 'Creme Pour Peaux Intolerantes' or CPI for short. As you can see from the reviews below and as for all cosmetics products, it doesn't work for all people all the time. Still it can be very effective and the reviews list some of the problems helped. One interesting review highlights a point that we make all time. The reviewer was very happy with the item purchased in Europe and then disappointed with the same product purchased in Canada. As unabashed francophiles, we of course maintain that cosmetics made in France for the French market are superior. There is for example anecdotal evidence that the Avene Hand Cream for sale at some US drugstores is not as good a quality as those available in France. The review apparently had a a similar experience with the CPI cream. Still we will always lose this argument against the customer who wants the product NOW and can deal with any modifications made for the local market. For you to judge, as always"

I never thought an Avene product would work for me, since everything I've tried so far hasn't. Then while I was on a trip in Europe, I had this horrible allergic reaction on my face, and my skin was red, rough, itchy, just horrible. The anti-allergic gel they gave me was leaving it even drier, so I went back to the pharmacy for some moisturizer. Avene had a huge display, so I just picked this cream, it just...looked appealing at the moment. Well, it's become my HG moisturizer. It literally saved my face because the irritation subsided soon after I started applying this cream, and I was able to put on foundation without it looking like a pancake. I kept using the tube, now I'm 2 months into it and I still use it nightly, and I've been waking up to the nicest skin I've ever had - even, no pimples, smooth, soft and moisturized but not greasy. I used to be oily now I'm combo, and this little tube works amazingly on me! I will most definitely buy again, when I'm done with this one. Although it may not happen for a long time, because I haven't even used a quarter of it! EDIT JUNE 2013: I will leave the high marks I'd given this previously, because that tube was really THAT good, but if I were to rate the new version (bought in Canada 3-4 months ago) I would give it a 2! This new version (or maybe because it's not the Euro one) is not even close to my first tube. It makes me oily, my skin doesn't look calm, and I suspect it gave me some pimples. It just doesn't feel right, and I bought both the regular and the rich versions. Not to mention the packaging, the top gets nasty with product accumulation which dries and it's just...ugh. Hate it. Why did they have to change an awesome product???

I have sensitive fair skin, prone to flushing in cheeks, dryness and general irritation. With consistent use (and sleep!), this product diminishes them all and makes me glow. I always think "oh, there's probably something better for my skin out there" and try new products, but end up coming back to this. Ie. I just tried the Dermalogica Ultra Calming line, which broke my forehead out with over 50-60 of those tiny skin colored bumps. Three days back on this and they're all gone, 99% smooth. This is the only product I actually run out of and re-buy. HG. Thanks Avene, my skin wouldn't be the same without this.

This is a review for the Rich version (Rich Skin Recovery Cream). I have struggled to find a rich moisturiser for my very dry, VERY blemish-prone, mildly sensitive skin for years. All the rich moisturisers were comodogenic, and it just seemed to me like all the non-comodogenic/anti-acne products were geared towards oily skin types, so I just put up with those products and watched my skin spiral into pimply, flakey disrepair. Then two months ago I decided to spend a little more than I normally would on a moisturiser (I'm but a poor uni student). The price point's a little much here in Australia, where it's AU$40 for a little 40mL tube (it's $31 at Chemist Warehouse though!). But it's worth every penny - my skin is happier and healthier than it has been in years, and no breakouts (except for the occasional pimple because of a topical antibiotic I'm using). It says to use it until your skin is back to its normal balance, but when I don't use it, my skin's still dry and tight. And realistically speaking, no moisturiser can permanently change your skin type. My skin feels supple and balanced, perfectly hydrated but not at all greasy. This is quite possibly my HG moisturiser!

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