Friday, September 6, 2013

Vichy and Avene - Made in France vs Made for the USA

As the oldest and most established skin care companies out of France, Avene and Vichy suffer from the same malady.   While they both have solid product lines and have myriads of faithful followers, Avene and Vichy have image problems - not-innovators, stodgy, slow to introduce new products etc.

As unabashed Francophiles, we see another issue that they are the most likely to be imitated by cheap fakes from 'elsewhere' and they also make products specifically aimed at different markets.  For those skeptics among we don't need to remark that with the FDA in the US so slow to accept innovative products, the impression given is that Avene and Vichy products available officially in the USA have of necessity been  to adhere to most stringent and very likely out-of-date product ideals.  It is the nature of the best that American consumers are at the same time the most protected from harmful products and the most deprived of new products for a long time.

Hence for the average US customer for Avene and Vichy we say 'no matter' - go for the best price at the most convenient local supplier.  For the more discriminating consider francophone suppliers like FrenchCosmetics.Net

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