Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Challenger to Popular Bioderma Line?

Noreva Pharma, which is a popular French brand that has popular items such as its Actipur, Exfoliac Trio and more recently it Aquareva line has just introduced a new Micellar Lotion - an addition to its Actipur line.  This is obviously (?) a modest response to the wildly popular Bioderma line of H2O products.

Strangely enough, Noreva, which is popular partly due to its low pricing structure has priced its lotion only slightly lower than Bioderma .

Can they compete?  Only time will tell.

Bioderma is arguably the most popular line of French parapharmacie-type products - certainly outside of France.   Want to know which of the extensive line of Bioderma is the most popular.   Here is a quick and in some cases surprising list:

1.  The H2O line obviously.

2.  Its super Photoderm suncreen line of course.

3.  ABC Derm H2O - hidden secret

4.  Atoderm PP - gel and balm.

Now you know it.  Go and enjoy and see for yourself